Thursday, April 14, 2011


See what I mean....he LOVES his big sister and she LOVES him!
Most of the time when this is happening I remind Charlie that he is going to pull her hair, to which she replies "I don't care, he can pull my hair...big sisters don't cry!"

Charlie, 3 1/2 years!

Charlie is getting to be so grown up! She is a GREAT helper to me (most days!) and loves taking care of her brother. She likes to feed him (see below....they are sharing some yogurt!) and help me take care of him. She loves to help me around the house with cooking or cleaning, or just basically whatever I am doing. She got a new bike for her Birthday (thanks Nana and Pop!). Now that is is nice out, we are getting to ride it a lot more. She is getting pretty good, but still gets a little scared on it at times. She is also taking a dance class and will be performing next month! I will post pictures of that when I have some. She is learning how to write her name and LOVES all things "arts and crafts!" Wonder where she gets that?! ;) We recently bough her the OLD MAID card game and she loves it! She is learning how to play UNO and we have fun most nights playing cards with her before bed.
She is such a sweet little girl and is growing up way too fast!

Trevor, 7 Months!

Trevor is such a happy little boy! He has been such a wonderful addition to our family and I am not quite sure what we did without him. He is really sitting up well on his own and babbling like crazy. He likes to say "dada," "da," and just about every other form of "dad" you can think of. Won't say "mama." Little stinker! It is so fun to watch him learn! He loves watching his big sister and could laugh at her all day! He is such a sweet little boy!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charlie is 3!!!!

i can't believe my first baby is already three years old. Charlie's Birthday was on Thanksgiving this year. We had a great time celebrating with both sides of the family! Charlie is getting to be such a big girl and a GREAT helper for me. She is so sweet and I love that she is my daughter! Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!!!

Family Pictures

Take one...

Take two...

A little cousin love!

That's a wrap!


Trevor did some snoozing....

Handsome man!

Love my kids.

Sweet Charlie. Thanks Cinda for taking pictures!

Photo Shoot

My sister-in-law took these cute pictures of Trevor for me at 2 weeks old. So sweet.